Abstract is the style of art I truly love. I like to create art that appears simple but upon closer scrutiny is quite complex, depicting emotions rather than objects.

My art is the result of studying the rebellious painters who appeared in the mid 1940’s and experimenting with different mediums and styles. As I experimented with more non-traditional art materials, my unique style emerged. Each piece is an experiment into the unknown, and there is nothing more rewarding to me than to work with different materials to create a new and unique piece. Abstraction liberates me from simply painting recognizable images. Instead, it pushes my boundaries and challenges me to craft new and more dynamic pieces. In my paintings, there are no rules or guidelines when it comes to the creative process.

If I had to describe my method of creating a painting, it would be that each piece evolves. I have no preconceived notion of what image should eventually appear on the canvas. It is more of an event than a painting. Mood, color, and texture play an important part in the progression of my work. If I focus too much on what is recognizable in the piece instead of how it feels to me, the originality is lost. I want to invite the observer into my painting, to let them interpret it for themselves, and to draw their own conclusions. My hope is that they are their own witness to the earthy textures, contrasting colors and patterns, and the emotions involved in creating it. Because of the subtle nature of the textures and patinas that are found in my work, I offer original pieces only. The printing process can not accurately capture the tactile quality of my original art.